A newborn’s body with attached hospital tag was discovered stuffed inside a plastic bag.


A newborn’s body with attached hospital tag was discovered stuffed inside a plastic bag.

A newborn baby’s body was discovered Monday put inside a plastic bag in a mound of garbage, in a horrific event. Residents contacted police after observing stray dogs congregating in the vicinity and sniffing a bag. The incident was reported in Assam, India.

Officers on the scene noted that the infant’s body was firmly wrapped in a cloth. Additionally, they discovered a tag on the baby’s body indicating the name of a nearby hospital. The hospital was located only a few feet from the spot where the body was discovered.

Newborn’s Body With Hospital Tag Attached Found Stuffed Inside Plastic Bag

According to the authorities, the infant was born there and was abandoned by the parents following their discharge. It was unknown whether the youngster had already died.

The body was transported to a hospital for additional inspection by police. They were tasked with compiling a list of all infants born at the facility in the preceding days.

The occurrence perplexed both authorities and the public, as the street where the body was discovered was busy, lined with 24-hour drug stores and eateries. According to the authorities, abandoning a child in such a densely populated location is difficult.

Following India’s COVID-19 epidemic and subsequent lockdown, there has been an increase in reports of newborn newborns abandoned in public locations. “With everything shut down, it was possibly more difficult to abort and easier to give birth and abandon the babies,” Meera Bharati, co-founder of the group Where Are India’s Children, told the National Herald.

Another example was reported last week in India, in which a newborn was discovered killed and hanged inside a hospital lavatory. The body was discovered by a member of the medical staff, who notified the authorities. However, it was quickly determined that the infant was not born at the hospital due to the presence of the umbilical chord. Two women who are accused of committing the crime were captured on CCTV.


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