A man whose hand was ripped off by a machine has tingling in his fingers again.


A man whose hand was ripped off by a machine has tingling in his fingers again.

The fingers of a man who had his left hand reattached after it was ripped off in an industrial accident have been “tingling” ever then.

In February 2021, Christopher Wright’s hand was severed after it became entangled in a machine.

The 57-year-old from the West Midlands, England, was rushed to hospital after the event and had his hand reattached by surgeons. Because his hand was held in a bag in the ambulance, the surgery only took 11 and a half hours.

Wright lost his little finger, and surgeons had to take 6 centimeters (just over 2 inches) of his arm to smooth off the surface and reattach his hand.

“While working on a cardboard cartons machine, the chains grabbed my overalls and yanked my hand inside the machine,” Wright claimed in a statement in February. I realized I’d lost my hand when I heard a snapping noise.

“After taking a first-aid responder course a few years ago, my previous training immediately kicked in. I yanked my arm from the machine, squeezed it, and yelled for assistance. I requested a first responder, who then requested an ambulance. I was aware of everything that was going on the entire time.”

“My hand was amputated—as soon as that,” Wright told BBC News on Thursday.

“With full blood pressure, I might have easily perished because there are two blood vessels going through your wrist.”

“Tingling in my fingertips, a sign of nerve regeneration, so everything is progressing in the right direction,” Wright told the news site.

Wright, on the other hand, has lost the limited range of motion he gained after scar tissue grew on his tendons. He had scar tissue removed during surgery and is now waiting to see if it helps.

“I’m never going to have as much movement as before but I hope to be able to at least pick up a cup or hold the wife’s hand,” he said.

Mary O’Brien, consultant plastic and hand surgeon based at the Royal Derby Hospital Pulvertaft Hand Centre who helped Wright, described him as “an incredibly inspirational patient.”

“He has a very optimistic view and is motivated in his face,” she remarked. This is a condensed version of the information.


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