A man shares the recipe for Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Mocha, which has been discontinued.


A man shares the recipe for Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Mocha, which has been discontinued.

If you like Starbucks’ salted caramel mocha, you’ll be unhappy to learn that it won’t be available this fall.

All hope, however, is not yet lost. This is because coffee roaster Dan McLaughlin, also known as Softpourn on TikTok, has shared his method for making the sweet yet salty beverage on the app.

The video, which was uploaded to the app on August 24, has now received over 20 million views and can be seen here.

“Here’s how to make the salted caramel mocha since it’s not coming back this year,” McLaughlin says as he assembles the drink in a glass cup.

“The salted caramel mocha contained chocolate and toffee nut, but toffee nut is difficult to come by. It’s a good thing it’s only caramel and hazelnut combined.”

Following the official Starbucks recipe, he pours the syrups on top of the chocolate before explaining: “So, around an ounce of chocolate, then a half ounce of hazel and caramel each.”

“Pour in your espresso, give it a good stir to melt the chocolate, and then pour in your milk.”


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“I’m doing a hot version of this drink, but if you want a chilled one, simply add ice and don’t steam the milk,” McLaughlin explains.

“When you’re done, drizzle some caramel on top, and I know what you’re thinking: what about the salt?

“Well, I’m not sure how to tell you this, but it’s literally just salt and sugar.”

The instructional video has received over four million likes, and many people have raced to the comments section to express their opinions on the technique.

Dania, a TikTok user, asked, “Wait, why didn’t I know toffee nut was hazelnut and caramel?”

Thunderella, for example, said, “I’m begging you for the passion tea lemonade recipe.” I’ve attempted a lot of dupes and none of them come near. Pleeeease.”

“Bestie my Starbucks,” Sam George stated. This is a condensed version of the information.


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