A long-lost 17th-century painting has been discovered hanging in a church.


A long-lost 17th-century painting has been discovered hanging in a church.

When an art history professor went to a church, he discovered an artwork that had been missing for decades.

In the year 2020, Tom Ruggio, a professor at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York, was shocked to see the picture in the Church of the Holy Family, just a few steps from campus.

Ruggio told ABC7, “I immediately understood it was an Italian Baroque picture.” “And I took a double take, thinking, ‘Why is it here?’ I leapt to my feet and began taking crappy shots with my cellphone.”

They learned that the artwork was part of a series of paintings done by Cesare Dandini after interacting with fellow professionals in Italy and Manhattan, and the painting was officially certified in April. The picture remained on the walls of the New Rochelle church as Ruggio and his colleagues attempted to confirm that it was an original piece. According to ABC7, the series began in the 1630s.

Dandini was an Italian painter who worked in a range of mediums. He was recognized for using chalk, oil on wood, oil on canvas, and even etching in his work.

Ruggio discovered an oil on canvas picture entitled Holy Family with the Infant St. John.

“The Virgin Mary and the Christ Child are significant figures,” Ruggio told ABC7. “We have Joseph, as well as the infant St. John. The Baptist, Saint John.”

On Monday, the picture was unveiled in the Ryan Library on the Iona College campus. It will be on exhibit in the library for the next three months.

The painting’s disappearance remained a mystery for decades, but it spent 60 years at the New Rochelle church.

The Holy Family Church is a church dedicated to the Holy Family. Monsignor Dennis Keane told This website that the painting was purchased in a gallery in Rome by the former pastor, Monsignor Fitzgerald, in the early 1960s. Fitzgerald was under the notion that he bought a replica of the picture, but they hung the original painting in the church, as they discovered decades later.

The painting will return to the church after three months on display at Iona College, according to Keane. He stated that he intends to do so. This is a condensed version of the information.


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