4 Tips To Help You Recover From Holiday Overeating


4 Tips To Help You Recover From Holiday Overeating

What are some options for folks who have overindulged during the holidays? Here are some easy ways to recover from your holiday binge.

Many people associate the holidays with warmth and gatherings, but others like indulging in festive and delectable dishes during this time. Overeating, on the other hand, can be unpleasant since it can make you feel bloated and “wreak havoc” on your digestive system.

The soreness may persist depending on what you eat, according to the University of Michigan (U of M). Foods that are high in fat and fiber, for example, take longer to digest, so the discomfort or pain may last for a long time. It can push against the diaphragm over time, resulting in heartburn.

There are a few things that folks can take to alleviate these symptoms, fortunately.

Don’t take a nap; get up and move around.

While it’s tempting to nap after a big dinner, lying down may aggravate heartburn caused by overeating, according to the University of Minnesota. Instead, it’s great to get up and move around a little, but be careful not to overdo it.

A 10-minute walk could be beneficial, according to Kirsten Smith, MS, R.D., Piedmont Healthcare’s bariatric surgery coordinator. Although it isn’t the same as “walking off” what you’ve eaten, it can help with blood sugar levels and digestion.

Drink water instead of a carbonated beverage.

According to the University of Minnesota, carbonated drinks may actually make you feel more bloated. Furthermore, it may cause the body to exhale even more gas.

Instead, Smith recommends drinking water since it may help “flush out” all of the sodium consumed during the huge meal. However, if one is particularly full, it is necessary not to drink too much water. The most important thing is to stay hydrated all day.

Consume/drink something that aids digestion.

Probiotics, such as those found in yogurt and other cultured foods, can aid digestion and meal absorption. Herbal teas including chamomile, chicory, and green tea can help “encourage the passage of food” and ease the discomfort that comes with overeating.

Ginger (in tea form), vegetables with skin, fruits, leafy green vegetables, and whole-grain foods like brown rice and quinoa are all good for digestion.


It’s natural to feel bad after overindulging over the holidays, but don’t be too harsh on yourself. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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