30 ‘Dad Jokes’ That Will Make You Cringe This Thanksgiving (Safe for Kids).


30 ‘Dad Jokes’ That Will Make You Cringe This Thanksgiving (Safe for Kids).

Thanksgiving is the ideal opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, share some delicious cuisine, and express your appreciation to the people who mean the most to you.

However, as you are probably aware, the preparations and close closeness of family members might get a little intense at times. Don’t be concerned.

These clean but amusing jokes, which are featured below, are excellent ice-breakers that may instantly lighten the mood and fill your visitors with laughter rather than simply turkey.

Although their punchlines are clear, they are endearingly corny.

These so-called “dad jokes” are excellent for Thanksgiving and will make you laugh (or cringe):

Thanksgiving jokes about turkey

What kind of key is incapable of unlocking doors? It’s a turkey.

On the fourth Thursday of November, what does Frankenstein prefer to eat? Turkey with a grave-y flavor.

What do you name a turkey that is on the move? Food that is prepared quickly.

On the day after Thanksgiving, what do you call a turkey? Lucky.

Is it possible for you to season the turkey for me? There isn’t any thyme! What did the mother turkey say to her offspring who were disobedient? Your father would turn over in his gravy if he saw you right now.

Why was it necessary for the farmer to separate the chicken from the turkey? He detected a game of fowl.

When is turkey soup not good for you? When you’re the turkey, it’s a different story.

On Thanksgiving, who doesn’t eat? Because it’s always stuffed, a turkey.

When is tofu turkey served? Pranksgiving.

Where can you locate a turkey that doesn’t have any legs? It’s right where you left it.

Is it possible for a turkey to jump higher than a house? Yes, because homes are incapable of jumping! Why did the turkey in his band play the drums? He didn’t need drumsticks because he already had them! Jokes about CranberriesWhat would happen if a cranberry became depressed? It was going to become a blueberry.

What caused the cranberries to turn bright red? They noticed the turkey dressing on the table.

Will I be able to eat leftovers for the next week? I cran and will continue to do so.

Thanksgiving Traditions

If you sit on the sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner, what will you serve? Squash.

What’s the most popular side dish this year, given the presence of coronavirus? Potatoes that have been disguised.

What part of the Thanksgiving dinner do green beans play? The role of the casse.

Who was it that scared the cranberry? The booberry, to be precise.

Knock on the door. Is anyone there? Arthur. Who is Arthur? Any leftovers, Arthur?

Knock on the door. Is anyone there? Norma Lee is a well-known actress. Who is Norma Lee? Norma Lee is a well-known actress. This is a lot of food for me.

Knock on the door. Who’s. This is a condensed version of the information.


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