15 Disney Films With the Worst Rotten Tomatoes Scores


15 Disney Films With the Worst Rotten Tomatoes Scores

From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Toy Story, Disney is responsible for some of the best films ever made.

However, a small percentage of Disney’s animated films have been deemed failures by critics.

Washington Newsday has compiled a list of the Disney films with the lowest Rotten Tomatoes scores.

A Goofy Movie (1995) 1h 21m Family/Musical

Goofy and his adolescent son Max set out to form a friendship across the United States.

“A Goofy Movie” has enough of its titular element to satisfy younger audiences, according to Rotten Tomatoes critics, “even though most parents will agree that this popular character deserves better.”

Pocahontas (Family/Musical) 1h 31m Pocahontas (Family/Musical) 1h 31m Pocahontas (Fami

A Native American woman fantasizes about marrying Smith, a royal and New World explorer.

“Pocahontas means well, and has moments of astonishing beauty,” say Rotten Tomatoes critics, “but it’s primarily a dull, uninspired effort, with uneven plotting and a regrettable lack of fun.”

Robin Hood (1973) 1h 23m Family/Adventure

Outlaw Robin Hood organizes a band in Sherwood Forest to fight the Sheriff of Nottingham’s harshness.

“One of the weakest Disney adaptations, Robin Hood is bright and colorful but lacks the majesty and excitement of the studio’s previous efforts,” according to Rotten Tomatoes reviews.

The House on the Hill 1h 16m 2004 Family/Musical

A trio of cows fight to save their farm from a greedy outlaw after he plans to conquer it.

Rotten Tomatoes’ critics’ consensus states: “Though Home on the Range is likeable and may keep young children diverted, it’s one of Disney’s more middling titles, with garish visuals and a dull plot.”

The Black Cauldron U 1985 ‧ Family/Fantasy ‧ 1h 21m

A group begin an adventure to discover the black cauldron with the power to create a giant army of unstoppable soldiers.

Rotten Tomatoes’ critics’ consensus states: “Ambitious but flawed, The Black Cauldron is technically brilliant as usual, but lacks the compelling characters of other Disney animated classics.”

Oliver & Company 1988 ‧ Family/Musical ‧ 1h 14m

After getting lost in New York, Oliver meets lazy mongrel Dodger who helps him steal food from local vendors.

Rotten Tomatoes’ critics’ consensus states: “Predictable and stodgy, Oliver & Company isn’t one of Disney’s best, though its colorful cast of characters may be enough to entertain young viewers looking. This is a brief summary.


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