Why You Should Concentrate On Tomi’s Bigger Picture Instead Of Its Strong NFT Sales


Why You Should Concentrate On Tomi’s Bigger Picture Instead Of Its Strong NFT Sales

Tomi is unlike any other creature in that it is disruptive in every way. Its fundraising efforts successfully mix NFTs, DeFi, and traditional token sales, and its overall ecosystem structure revolutionizes venture finance.

The amount of community support it has received thus far is a harbinger of positive things to come for the company in the future, beyond its token sales.

Tomi had a wonderful month in September, thanks to its hugely successful NFT sale. In a fairly unusual fundraising strategy, the team has raised over 454 ETH, or nearly one and a half million dollars. Tomi’s application of NFT technology is only one example of what this cutting-edge ecosystem has to offer.

To gain entry to its approaching main sale, Tomi pursued an unusual route by selling limited edition NFTs. NFTs have become extremely popular in the last year, with projects such as CryptoPunks generating over a billion dollars since their inception. However, the technology may be used to a variety of other scenarios, so finding new ways to use it is crucial.

The NFTs are known as ‘Tomi Heroes,’ and they are available in three rounds. The monies earned through these sales will be used to help the team purchase Tomi’s native token. The Tomi crew will burn them after the purchase to diminish TOMI’s overall supply. The token sale will commence on SushiSwap on September 21st, and with the large $1.5 million Plus investment by the TOMI team, the price is expected to skyrocket.

While these sales numbers are outstanding, it is still necessary to consider the overall picture. Tomi is more than just an NFT project; its ecosystem has a wealth of other tools and possible benefits. The team’s intention to use the revenues from NFT sales to purchase up and cut a portion of the TOMI supply demonstrates that they have a long-term strategy.

Tomi plans to develop TOMIFundMe, a venture finance platform. Unlike traditional venture capital initiatives, however, the projects that will receive money will not be picked by a small group of people. Instead, the TOMI token community will vote on the most deserving initiatives. The cash gathered through TOMISwap’s transaction fee distribution will be used to fund all eligible projects.

TOMISwap delivers DEX capabilities as the native decentralized swapping solution. Users can switch between supported tokens for a fixed transaction charge of 0.3 percent. For an Ethereum-based project, this is a unique feature, yet speed and. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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