Trans Netflix employees are planning a walkout in protest of the Chappelle special.


Trans Netflix employees are planning a walkout in protest of the Chappelle special.

Transgender Netflix employees are organizing a walkout to protest a transphobic Dave Chappelle comedy special, according to US media reports. Netflix’s content chief defended the contentious program again on Thursday.

In “The Closer,” comedian Dave Chappelle declares that “gender is a truth” and condemns the trans community’s “thin skin.” Several LGBTQ organizations have criticized the incident.

According to The Verge, an internal memo emailed to trans employees this week accuses Netflix of “continually failing to develop material that represents and uplifts Trans content” and “repeatedly distributing content that damages the Trans community.”

The walkout is expected to take place next Wednesday.

In recent years, trans identity has become a divisive topic in the entertainment industry, as industry insiders have delved into a debate increasingly driven by flexible concepts of gender.

Last year, JK Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter,” stirred outrage with contentious comments asserting the truth of biological sex, which many interpreted as transphobic.

The planned protest comes after co-CEO Ted Sarandos delivered a company-wide email that declared the Chappelle episode was popular, an essential expression of artistic freedom, and would not damage anyone in the real world, according to numerous US outlets.

He earlier stated to Netflix employees that the show, which debuted last week, would not be removed.

Three Netflix employees were reportedly suspended after disrupting an executive virtual meeting over the episode.

However, Terra Field, a queer and trans software developer, tweeted Tuesday that she had been “re-instated” and “felt vindicated.”

In his most recent act, Chappelle declares that he does not despise transgender people and recounts a long tale about a trans woman comic, whom he refers to as a buddy, who defended him in previous squabbles with the community.

In the past, Chappelle, 48, has been accused of transphobia in relation to his Netflix specials.

Netflix did not respond to an AFP request for comment right away.


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