To comply with Biden’s order, Ford is asking employees to submit their vaccination status by next Friday.


To comply with Biden’s order, Ford is asking employees to submit their vaccination status by next Friday.

By next Friday, Ford Motor Company is demanding that all salaried and unionized employees report their COVID-19 vaccination status. The announcement will help the corporation comply with President Joe Biden’s executive order, which requires some employers to verify that their employees are completely vaccinated against the virus or receive regular testing.

Ford spokeswoman Monique Brentley told CNBC, “This will enhance our efforts to comply with federal COVID-19 vaccination regulations and, examine the overall vaccination status of our employee group in order to decide necessary measures to support employee safety.”

Vaccinations, according to Ford CEO Jim Farley, are “mission crucial” for worker safety. He stated that the corporation is “very thrilled about the mandate” and that management are willing to collaborate with labor unions to find a solution.

Ford aims to make it necessary for paid staff and contractors to declare their vaccination status under the present policies. Only unionized employees are required to submit their vaccination status by the scheduled deadline, according to a union spokesman who confirmed this to CNBC.

Ray Curry, president of the United Auto Workers (UAW), whose group includes Ford employees, was initially opposed to vaccine mandates without first engaging in collective bargaining. After President Biden signed an executive order on Sept. 9 requiring enterprises with 100 or more employees to mandate immunizations or frequent testing of unvaccinated workers, the UAW stated it will look into the contents to determine how it might affect its members.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the Department of Labor will release an Emergency Temporary Standard to enforce this mandate, which the White House believes will affect over 80 million private-sector workers. In a letter to his union, Curry stated that he will be waiting for new OSHA guidelines on how to comply with the executive order.

Ford’s proposal comes after GM’s declaration last month that paid staff must submit their immunization status. Neither employer has mandated employees to get vaccinated, but both have established COVID-19 protection measures in the workplace.


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