TikTok claims to have more than a billion users.


TikTok claims to have more than a billion users.

Only four years after the enormously popular video-sharing app was established by Chinese group ByteDance, TikTok announced Monday that it now had more than a billion active users.

TikTok, which was already famous before the coronavirus epidemic – owing to its viral dance synced to pop songs – saw a significant increase in popularity as a result of lockdowns, school closures, and telecommuting.

Since July 2020, when the firm last revealed user figures, the video platform has grown to over 300 million users.

The platform, which was founded on the idea of 15-second films, increased the time limit to three minutes in early July in order to compete with YouTube and attract a larger audience.

In mid-July, the Google subsidiary debuted YouTube Shorts, which is now available in over 100 countries and competes with TikTok in the short format market.

Despite this, the ByteDance subsidiary, whose Chinese equivalent is known as Douyin, trails YouTube, which had 2.3 billion monthly active users in 2020.

TikTok is now attempting to monetise a greater portion of its platform’s traffic, something it was slow to achieve in the beginning.

Last year, the social network intensified its advertising efforts, launching a new tool in late August 2021 that allows users to purchase things directly from content providers on the platform.


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