Things have changed dramatically! U.S. media disclosed: Chinese capital has withdrawn funds!


The US media reported on the 11th that the Associated Press quoted reports released by the National Committee on US-China Relations and Rongding Consulting Inc. that China‘s direct investment in the US economy in 2019 fell from US $ 5.4 billion to US $ 5 billion. Research data show that, on the contrary, in 2019 US companies’ investment in the Chinese economy increased from US $ 13 billion to US $ 14 billion. This means that Chinese capital withdrew US $ 400 million from the United States in 2019. This shows that the drama is reversed again, and Trump clearly wants capital to invest in the United States.

This is well-founded and Trump hopes that capital will return to the United States for investment. Trump introduced the US tax cut shortly after taking office, in order to stimulate the return of overseas capital back to US investment, and earlier this year, some US officials also exposed that they want to subsidize US companies to withdraw from China. : The United States hopes that the capital to invest in China will decrease, and the capital to invest in the United States will increase. However, the fact once again shows that what happened is contrary to expectations, and Trump’s calculation is reversed.

What I want to say is that, as this time the US media reported that China ’s capital divestment of US $ 400 million was made in 2019, when Trump so hoped to revive the US manufacturing industry and return to US capital, the results still prove that the capitalists prefer In China, this is like the United States targeting Huawei. As a result, Huawei helped Huawei to advertise, but Huawei ’s turnover increased. This time it is also true. The more the United States seeks, the capital proves with action: it prefers China.


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