The ‘Trump Economy’ is officially over, according to a Newsmax host, and ‘Welcome to Obama’s Third Term.’


The ‘Trump Economy’ is officially over, according to a Newsmax host, and ‘Welcome to Obama’s Third Term.’

Following a weaker-than-expected April jobs study, Newsmax host Chris Salcedo declared Friday, May 7, the end of the “Trump economy” and the start of a “Obama-Biden” third term.

President Joe Biden was accused of “blaming Trump” by the host of Newsmax TV’s Liberty Loving Latino program over a Friday Labor Department study that showed the US economy gained 266,000 jobs in April, against the 978,000 predicted by government economists. Salcedo charged that “Democratic socialists like Biden” were still avoiding responsibility by blaming their Republican predecessors. Salcedo said the pre-adjustment April jobs figures prove the “Trump economy” officially ended May 7, the day the Labor report was published, reiterating that the US was “cursed by a third term of Obama.”

Just moments before praising Trump and the GOP’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for taking in a “record $1.7 trillion” in tax revenue from middle-class Americans, Salcedo warned Biden that he is seeking to increase taxes to “near criminal levels.”

Chris Salcedo believes that a poor employment report marks the end of Trump’s booming economy, saying, “Welcome to Biden’s America.” image Twitter:

May 10, 2021 — Newsmax (@newsmax)

Salcedo said, “Our economy is crashing at a much faster pace than I could have ever expected.” “Biden’s outlandish government spending is a farce. But, rather than being a man and taking responsibility for his childish economic policies, Biden did what any socialist Democrat does: he blamed a Republican.”

“However, thanks to the Trump economy, we weathered the government-imposed shutdown storm,” Salcedo added, saying that Trump rescued the United States from the pandemic’s economic impact. “Our unemployment rate has been dropping like a rock since President Trump’s drive to reopen our economy. Had he continued in the Oval Office, our national economy would resemble that of Texas or Florida. But sadly, our nation was cursed with a 3rd term of Obama.”

Biden, who called a press conference shortly after the release of the lagging April jobs report, was mocked by Salcedo for his remarks at the White House Friday.

“We knew this wouldn’t be a sprint, it’d be a marathon, quite frankly, we’re moving more rapidly than I thought we would. This morning we learned our economy created 266,000 jobs in. This is a brief summary.


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