The manager of a gas station confirms charging $7.99 per gallon, as seen on a viral receipt, but denies price gouging.


The manager of a gas station confirms charging $7.99 per gallon, as seen on a viral receipt, but denies price gouging.

In the aftermath of last week’s Colonial Pipeline shutdown, a Georgia gas station manager acknowledged the authenticity of a viral Facebook picture showing his ExxonMobil location charging $7.99 a gallon for premium gasoline.

Despite the receipt having an incorrect address and a misspelled version of the ExxonMobil company name, the manager of the East Point, Georgia, gas station said the price was mistakenly increased to $7.99 per gallon for a brief duration this week. M.D. Azim, the manager of an Atlanta suburb gas station, told WXIA-TV on Saturday that the price was an error and that it should have been $4.99.

Following the cyberattack that shut down the 5,500-mile Colonial pipeline, online hoaxes and doctored images allegedly showing price gouging appeared on social media.

The anonymous person who first shared the startling gas station receipt filled their car with just over six gallons of gas, bringing the total to $52.92.

As news of the pipeline shutdown spread, people in many states, including Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, rushed to stockpile gasoline and diesel. However, Azim told a local Atlanta television station that he was not attempting to take advantage of consumers and that the $7.99 mistake was fixed within an hour of it occurring earlier this week.

Azim clarified that anybody who brings in their receipt proving they paid $7.99 per gallon for premium fuel would get a refund. He also verified many people’s suspicions that the viral receipt screenshot was a true representation of the temporary price. Many Facebook and Twitter users ignored the receipt as a forgery, pointing out the obvious spelling and address errors. However, the manager said that all of the oddities were due to pump system malfunctions.

As reporters and producers from the 11 Alive TV station went to fact-check the receipt on Friday, the price of gas was $3.49. The combined gas station and convenience store’s tagline was “Best 4 Less,” they noted.

Since that particular ExxonMobil franchise had sold out, the gas station manager said Friday that he was not currently selling premium gas. This is a condensed version of the information.


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