The first tourists from SpaceX are getting ready for a trip to space in a ‘camper van.’


The first tourists from SpaceX are getting ready for a trip to space in a ‘camper van.’

SpaceX’s first space tourists were a picture of serenity Tuesday as they prepared to blast off on a three-day mission to circle the Earth. The weather appears to be cooperating, and the passengers are eager to leave.

“No jitters, and I can’t wait to get started!” When asked about his mood at a press appearance, American billionaire Jared Isaacman said.

Behind him loomed the massive Falcon 9 rocket, which will transport the four-person, all-civilian crew for the Inspiration4 mission.

Hayley Arceneaux, a 29-year-old medical assistant, adding, “Any jitters are the pleasant kind.” “I’m just waiting for tomorrow to arrive.”

Chris Sembroski, a 42-year-old Air Force veteran, likened the incredible journey to a “camper van” ride.

He’s not far off: the Dragon Capsule’s interior is a claustrophobic eight by four meters (27 by 13 feet) in size.

He quipped, “You just wrap yourselves in (sleeping bags) so you don’t float into each other in the middle of the night!”

They all reported they got along well, despite the fact that they had never met until starting training roughly six months ago.

Isaacman, who paid for the mission, held a competition to determine the three people who would join him.

“Every day has been the finest day of my life since the announcement… and it’s only getting better,” Sian Proctor, a 51-year-old geology professor who will become the first African American woman to serve as a “pilot” on a spaceflight, said.

She shared that she and the crew had had a phone conversation with former first lady Michelle Obama, clearly moved by the event.

“We had a wonderful discussion that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

On Wednesday, at 8:02 p.m., a take-off window will open (0002 GMT Thursday).

“Right now, the weather is looking good,” said Benji Reed, SpaceX’s chief of crewed missions.


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