Small businesses continue to oppose vaccine mandates, resulting in labor shortages.


Small businesses continue to oppose vaccine mandates, resulting in labor shortages.

While it remains challenging to fill positions for needed personnel, a new poll reveals that small firms are still in favor of requiring COVID-19 immunizations for their employees.

While small businesses that are actively hiring are having difficulty filling vacancies, they still support mandating their employees to get vaccinated, according to a poll issued Thursday by the US Chamber of Commerce and MetLife.

According to the survey, three out of five small firms will likely or already demand employees to be vaccinated, and around half will likely or already need confirmation of COVID immunizations from consumers. According to the research, 43% of small firms say they will replace staff who refuse to comply with vaccine or testing obligations, with 10% saying they have already let people go due to mandates.

The majority of small enterprises expressed worry about their health and the future of their company. A little more than half of those polled expressed concern regarding personnel.

“Small companies are eager to hire, welcome back customers, and support immunizations to keep customers and employees safe,” said Tom Sullivan, the US Chamber of Commerce’s vice president of small business policy. “However, the worker shortage situation is jeopardizing Main Street’s economic recovery across the country, and many small business owners have just given up looking for new employees.” The findings are in line with a previous Gallup poll, which found that 58 percent of Americans support the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates for enterprises with more than 100 employees, as well as weekly testing.

According to a survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, one out of every four workers claimed that their employers forced them to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. More than a third of unvaccinated workers say they will quit if their bosses force them to become vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. 5% of unvaccinated workers, including 1% of adults, have already quit their jobs due to vaccine or testing requirements.


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