Pakistan has once again blocked TikTok due to ‘inappropriate content.’


Pakistan has once again blocked TikTok due to ‘inappropriate content.’

The popular TikTok video-sharing app was stopped for the fourth time in Pakistan on Wednesday due to “inappropriate material,” according to the country’s telecommunication regulator.

The Chinese-owned website has been involved in a number of legal disputes with religious groups and authorities in the conservative Muslim country, and was recently taken down for two days by a provincial court.

Government censorship and control of Pakistan’s internet and media have long been criticized by freedom of expression advocates.

“The action was conducted as a result of the platform’s continued presence of inappropriate content and its failure to remove such content,” the telecoms authority said in a statement.

A spokesperson from TikTok in the area did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In Pakistan, where many individuals use it to market and sell things online, the app has a large following.

However, critics in the country’s very orthodox Muslim community claim it encourages vulgarity and LGBTQ themes.

Following complaints from officials and ordinary users, TikTok announced in June that it had removed more than six million videos available to Pakistani users in just three months.

Around 15% of the videos were taken down due to “adult nudity and sexual acts,” according to the business.

Officials have previously requested that YouTube remove content that they find offensive, and numerous dating applications have been banned.


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