Hunter Biden is mocked by a Nashville gas station with a meme about pump prices that says, “Don’t Get Too Far.”


Hunter Biden is mocked by a Nashville gas station with a meme about pump prices that says, “Don’t Get Too Far.”

A Tennessee gas station with a history of displaying pro-Donald Trump signs ran a video ad mocking Hunter Biden and blaming his father, President Joe Biden, for “high” gas prices on Saturday.

The meme-like video of Biden’s 51-year-old son smoking a cigarette in a bathtub during a supposed crack cocaine binge many years ago was shared by the Lewis Country Store in Nashville.

“Hope gas prices don’t get too high,” read the broad electronic sign, an obvious reference to both the Colonial Pipeline shutdown and Biden’s opioid abuse problems following the death of his older brother, Beau, in 2015.

Following last week’s cyberattack, a pipeline shutdown triggered a gas price increase, causing several drivers in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia to stockpile gas and diesel.

Several states that import gas from the vast 5,500-mile Colonial Pipeline have seen price spikes and allegations of price gouging.

I figured Hunter’s gas station photo was a hoax, but this guy RECORDED it!! Thank you, God, for this brave gas station!

May 15, 2021 — Coyote Outlaw (@ThatF ckerYote)

The big digital sign switches to reveal an empty fuel gauge superimposed over the Biden/Harris 2020 presidential campaign logo.

The sign was also accompanied by a photo of Fox News host Tucker Carlson smiling on social media. Finally, a photo of Biden smoking in the bathtub emerges, along with the pun “big.”

The Lewis Country Store’s corporate Shell support was removed in 2016 after the owners broadcasted a statement that read, “Trump Just Said It.” It was Bill Clinton who did it! The Only Py Trump Ever Grabbed was Paul Ryan! #TrumpThatBh.”

In response, the Lewis family owners placed signs on their gas pumps which read, “Due to our refusal to remove our pro-Trump sign, Shell has de-branded us. We will not be threatened or intimidated. Our doors will remain open. Vote Trump on Nov. 8th so this does not happen to you,” according to the Nashville Scene.

Earlier this year, the gas station drew ridicule and praise for posting a debunked meme which appeared to show Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar loading an AK-47 in Somalia—her birth country. “Here is your precious Muslim congresswoman at an Al Qaida training camp in Somalia. She is. This is a brief summary.


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