Gesamtmetall boss advocates overtime without wage compensation.


The President of Gesamtmetall demands overtime without wage compensation. Employees would have to do without in order to reduce labor costs: “They are crushing the companies.
Special payments such as Christmas bonuses would also have to be reconsidered.

The designated president of the employers’ association Gesamtmetall, Stefan Wolf, has spoken out in favor of employees working overtime in the economic crisis, in part without wage increases. “We now need overtime without full wage compensation. That could be two or even four hours a week,” said Wolf, who is to be elected in November to succeed Rainer Dulger at the top of Gesamtmetall. A rigid 35-hour week no longer fits into the time frame. He wants to be flexible, depending on the order situation, Wolf said.

In Wolf’s view, late bonuses should also be partially abolished. These were “no longer in keeping with the times”. Special payments such as Christmas bonuses should also be put to the test, as should break regulations. In general, Wolf wants short-time work only with corresponding wage deductions.

Wolf also criticized that the labor costs per hour in Germany are too high: “They are crushing the companies. The threatening consequence would be that companies would migrate abroad and jobs would be lost.

“If you listen to the companies: many people would be prepared to make concessions,” said Wolf, who is also CEO of the automotive supplier ElringKlinger: “I call on the IG Metall union to do so: Listen to these people.



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