For COVID violations, France is considering fining businesses up to $53,000.


For COVID violations, France is considering fining businesses up to $53,000.

According to the Associated Press, businesses could be fined $53,250 for COVID-19 infractions as France attempts to adopt a new law requiring patrons to show they have been vaccinated, tested negative, or recovered from the coronavirus.

The regulation could be lethal to small firms that have suffered financial losses as a result of the pandemic.

Restaurants and bars, according to Mama Kin owner Gauthier Max, are no longer places of relaxation but rather places of confinement and limitation.

“We’ve effectively turned into cops,” he said.

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“It used to be our job to make sure our visitors had a good time while they were with us. We now spend our time chastising them. “We weren’t prepared for this,” said Louis le Mahieu, manager of the Les Bancs Publics restaurant in Paris.

Les Bancs Publics is located on a street corner along the canal that runs through northeast Paris, a favorite hangout for young people who congregate in the neighborhood’s many cafés or along the canal’s banks, drinking and listening to music. The neighborhood is alive with vibrant street art, and adjacent to Paris Plage, the city’s annual summer urban beach project, is a pop-up vaccine booking space.

Le Bancs Publics, like other eateries in the popular region, is already straining to comply with France’s ever-changing virus regulations. It’s one of hundreds of Paris businesses that have been shut down for violating visitation limits since French eateries returned in May after a nearly seven-month hiatus. The vividly colored metal shutters are drawn, and there are no diners in sight.

When the COVID pass becomes mandatory, cafe and bar owners are concerned that they may face even more problems.

According to Max, a group of enraged restaurant owners will meet with the area police chief on Thursday to discuss the virus’s issues and try to find answers.

Unions, as well as protestors in Paris and other cities throughout France on Wednesday, have spoken out against the new pass requirement. Tourists are also perplexed as to how they may obtain COVID passes before they take effect next month; the government promised to provide solutions as soon as possible.

President Emmanuel Macron and his cabinet claim that the COVID cards are the only way to prevent hospitals from becoming infected again, citing recurrent outbreaks across the country. This is a condensed version of the information.


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