Due to privacy concerns, Venmo is removing the ‘Friend of Friend’ social feed.


Due to privacy concerns, Venmo is removing the ‘Friend of Friend’ social feed.

Privacy campaigners have won a victory, as Venmo’s strange social feed is being phased out.

Venmo’s owner, PayPal, stated Tuesday that the service will be phased down as part of a significant overhaul.

“With the new look, customers will be able to discover Venmo’s new features and capabilities even faster. When customers open the app, they will see a new bottom navigation that will allow them to effortlessly move between their social feed, Venmo products, and their personal profile,” according to the company’s release on its website.

The mobile payment app has stated that the capability would not be removed entirely. Friends will still be able to see transactions, stating that this has always been a part of the platform’s core.

“At its core, Venmo has always been social,” according to the post, “designed to be a place where friends can divide and share payments and experiences.”

It was believed that the level of privacy would be increased. PayPal reached an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission in May 2018 regarding disclosure, privacy, and security policies.

Venmo discussed why they needed to rebrand. “With over 70 million Venmo members, this move allows customers to connect and share meaningful moments and experiences with the people who matter most,” according to the post.

Users will be able to choose whether their profile should appear on a friend’s feed or be hidden with the new adjustment.

The global payments feed has been removed from Venmo’s revamped app https://t.co/QB1FbzmuRW pic.twitter.com/TsoSvMpsMU


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