Consequences of the return action: Affected persons are asked to pay.


94 million euros was spent on the recall action during the pandemic. Now several invoices have been sent to the holidaymakers. Many affected people have paid – some are complaining. Consumer protectors advise to demand the costs from the organizer.

Many German tourists got stuck in the vacation areas after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. With a return action the Federal Republic has flown out 55,000 vacationers. Now those affected are to participate in the costs of a total of 94 million euros. About 40 percent of the costs are to be borne by the tourists. The EU will contribute up to 35 percent of the costs for citizens of other EU countries who have been taken back. So far the Foreign Office has sent out 12,200 bills, as reported by “Focus” on Friday.

Of the almost eight million euros in claims, those affected have already transferred around 4.46 million euros. The remainder will be paid in installments or by the end of the deadline. Of the returned holidaymakers, 30 women and men have so far filed a complaint with the Berlin Administrative Court against this. They refuse to pay the bill, even though a share was agreed in writing for the return transport. The letter stated literally: “The recipient is obliged to reimburse the expenses”. Since the deadline for filing an appeal has not yet passed, the number of plaintiffs could still increase, experts speculate.

For 61 return flights, Berlin has so far sent out about 12,200 notices. The diagram shows the cost breakdown:

Costs for holidaymakers flown home during the Corona Pandemic
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Holiday-makers, who flew home in the spring by return action of the Federal Government and are to take part now in the costs, can reclaim this money in opinion of Verbraucherschützern from the organizer. “With the participation in the back action the overall holiday-makers helped a lack of journey and can require replacement of the costs , explained legal expert Robert Bartel of the consumer center Brandenburg. When booking in the EU, individual travelers could in any case demand reimbursement from the airline for the price of the flight that was cancelled.

The normally required deadline to the tour operator was “in our opinion” not necessary because no flights were offered, the lawyer explained further. The fact that the Corona pandemic was an unavoidable, exceptional circumstance that caused the problems was no excuse. “After the start of the trip, the travel provider bears the risk for such a circumstance.

Bartel advised affected vacationers to act quickly when they received the notice of costs from the German Foreign Office: “Check the notice for its correctness, settle the claim and inform the tour operator about the costs you incurred. Set the contractual partner a reasonable deadline for reimbursement. Package travelers should additionally assert their claims for reduction if the trip was prematurely terminated.

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