Colombia expels Germans who participated in anti-government demonstrations.


Colombia expels Germans who participated in anti-government demonstrations.

Colombian immigration officials announced Tuesday that a German lady who took part in anti-President Ivan Duque protests had been deported.

In a statement justifying “the decision to remove her,” the immigration officials stated that Rebecca Sproesser “was engaging in activities that had nothing to do with her status as a tourist and that could jeopardize civil order and peace.”

Sproesser met with members on the “front lines” of protests in the southwestern city of Cali, and she regularly shared images and video of them to her social media networks.

She posted on Facebook on Friday that she had been the victim of an attack in the city, which has been the hub of anti-government rallies for the past three months, with more than 60 people killed.

Sproesser stated the attacker “did not stop shooting until his gun ran out of bullets,” and that a companion who shielded her received 13 bullet wounds, “three in the head and several in the breast,” while she received “grazes from the projectiles.”

No official confirmation of the incident has yet been given, however German Ambassador Peter Ptassek said on Twitter that he was following the story “with alarm.”

On April 28, the government stirred public outrage by proposing to hike taxes in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak. Despite the fact that the project was shelved, protests continued, and the police crackdown on demonstrators generated even more instability.


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