Boycotts are being threatened against a large ice cream manufacturer for raising the wage of vaccinated workers.


Boycotts are being threatened against a large ice cream manufacturer for raising the wage of vaccinated workers.

After the firm declared it will enhance wages for its vaccinated workers and implement mandatory testing standards, Chapman’s Ice Cream, Canada’s largest ice cream manufacturer, is facing boycotts.

Several anti-vaccine organizations and activists have targeted the family-owned firm, threatening employees and pushing for a boycott of its ice cream goods.

“The retaliation was harsh, if not outright hostile. After hours, people began calling and leaving messages for us. I’ve been sent—all I can say is that I despise receiving postal .” “Ashley Chapman, Chapman’s Vice President, told CBC Radio’s As It Happens.

“Even my father, my 78-year-old father, had a voicemail on his phone telling him he was Hitler, and definitely a Nazi, and that we should be convicted of war crimes, essentially,” he added.

Employees who have not been properly vaccinated against COVID-19 must face two fast tests every week, according to the company’s new immunization policy. The testing would be paid for by the company.

According to Chapman, some 750 of the company’s 850 employees have been fully vaccinated, while others have only received one dose or are scheduled to have their vaccine soon.

Only five employees, who are on unpaid leave at the moment, have refused to declare their immunization status or submit to weekly testing.

Chapman’s Ice Cream also launched a vaccine incentive, offering $1 more per hour to employees who get vaccinated by the end of the month.

The decision, according to Chapman, was based on the amount of money the company planned to spend on testing for unvaccinated staff. He estimated that the expense per unvaccinated employee was around $40 per person.

“We were talking as a family about how it felt unfair that we were spending that much money on a small number of people who hadn’t gotten vaccinated when we believe those who did the right thing should be rewarded. It was a bit of a slap in the face for them, too “He told Global News about it.

He explained, “It just felt like we were treating the unvaccinated better than the vaccinated.”

A photo of the announcement, which is displayed in the company’s headquarters, is currently spreading on social media among anti-vaccine groups.

The Google page for the company has also been updated. This is a condensed version of the information.


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