Bolsonaro, who is unvaccinated, eats pizza on a New York sidewalk.


Bolsonaro, who is unvaccinated, eats pizza on a New York sidewalk.

Because he doesn’t fulfill the city’s Covid-19 immunization criteria for indoor dining, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro ate pizza on the sidewalk in New York ahead of the UN General Assembly.

Bolsonaro claims he is not vaccinated, and the city of New York presently requires everyone wishing to eat inside to show proof of at least one vaccination.

“Luxury supper in New York,” tweeted Brazil’s secretariat minister Luiz Eduardo Ramos, accompanying a photo of Bolsonaro and many members of his group enjoying a slice outside.

Gilson Machado, the tourism minister, also posted a photo of Bolsonaro holding a slice of pizza, noting on Instagram that dinner was pizza and Coca-Cola.

“Bolsonaro likes to play humility… but it isn’t a matter of taste,” Brazilian blogger Reinaldo Azevedo stated, referring to New York’s immunization restrictions.

Last Monday, the city began implementing a vaccine requirement for several indoor activities, including eateries, entertainment venues, and gyms, demanding documentation of at least one shot.

The local government wrote to the president of the United Nations General Assembly, emphasizing that the debating hall for this week’s high-level conference was a convention center, necessitating vaccination of all attendees.

Abdulla Shahid, the president of the United Nations General Assembly, initially supported the idea but later reversed himself, ruling that access to the UN offices for the discussion will be on a “honor system,” with no proof of vaccination required.

The president of Brazil is scheduled to deliver the first speech during the session on Tuesday, as is customary.

Bolsonaro, who has been chastised for his management of the epidemic, has stated that he will be the “last Brazilian” to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, which has already been provided in 222 million doses in his country.

He landed in New York City on Sunday evening, according to Brazilian media, and had to enter his hotel through the back door to prevent activists yelling “Get out Bolsonaro!” at the main entrance.


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