Biden over Trump is favoured by foreign investors: Survey


Investors around the world favor a victory from Democratic nominee Joe Biden over Republican President Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election, a survey revealed Friday.

Around 54% of investors prefer Biden being elected on Nov. 3, while 46% want Trump to remain in the White House, according to the survey conducted by Swiss multinational investment bank UBS, which was published by American news website Axios.

While investors in the US remain divided 50-50 in the survey, investors in Asia, Latin America and Europe preferred Biden with 51%, 56% and 62%, respectively.

The highest difference came in Switzerland where 66% of investors overwhelmingly preferred Biden over Trump who only had 34% support.

“72% of investors surveyed said they plan to adjust their portfolios ahead of the election,” said the survey, which was based on 2,852 investors in 14 different markets in the world who had at least $1 million in investable assets between Sept. 22 – Oct. 12.


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