BA boss warns of shortage of skilled workers and demands more advanced training.


“The immigration of skilled workers to Germany is too low and continues to decline,” warns BA boss Scheele. Therefore, Germany urgently needs to train its own workforce.

In the midst of the Corona crisis, Detlef Scheele, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Employment Agency (BA), warns of an aggravated shortage of skilled workers and also sees a duty on the part of politicians. “The immigration of skilled workers to Germany is too low and continues to decline,” Scheele told the newspapers of the “Funke Mediengruppe”. “We urgently need to train our own workers. This has fallen behind in the crisis. The gap between job growth and labor force potential is getting wider and wider”.

Scheele called for a simplification of the “Work of Tomorrow Act” of Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD), which regulates the promotion of continuing vocational training in structural change. “There are 13 different types of subsidies,” said the head of the BA. “This is very difficult to implement and should be made easier, at least for the time of the pandemic”.

He also said that a functioning law on immigration of skilled workers was necessary. The hurdles for the immigration of skilled workers are “very high”. This would involve the full recognition of professional qualifications from abroad and job commitments in Germany.

Scheele is quite optimistic about the situation on the training market. “My expectation is that in the end we will have slightly more unprovided for than before the pandemic,” he said. “We are not seeing a Corona vintage”. In total, he said, there are a good 513,000 training places for about 460,000 applicants. 100,000 of them were still unprovided for. “That means we are six to eight weeks behind the normal training schedule. However, we agree with the chambers of commerce that we want to re-placement by January,” said Scheele.



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