As Xi’an Cases Ease, China Says ‘Positive’ Signs.


As Xi’an Cases Ease, China Says ‘Positive’ Signs.

Covid has a new look.

The number of cases in the Chinese city of Xi’an has dropped to its lowest level in a week, according to health officials, as inhabitants face their eleventh day of severe home confinement.

Since the virus first arose in a major city in late 2019, China has maintained a “zero Covid” strategy with strong border restrictions and fast, targeted lockdowns — but this strategy has come under fire in recent weeks, with a number of local outbreaks and cases remaining stubbornly high.

In the historic northern city, 122 new infections were reported on Sunday, the lowest number since December 25 and down from 174 on Saturday.

China’s disease control agency’s Zhang Canyou informed official television CCTV that after several months of investigation,


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