Another flaw in Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner has been discovered.


Another flaw in Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner has been discovered.

Boeing announced on Thursday that it will modify undeliverable 787 Dreamliner planes after discovering a new fault on the plane, which has been grounded since May.

A Boeing spokeswoman told AFP that a supplier informed the company that some 787 parts “were illegally fabricated,” confirming elements of a Wall Street Journal investigation.

“While our review is ongoing,” a Boeing official said, “we have assessed that this does not pose an immediate safety of flight concern for the active in-service fleet.”

“Airplanes that have yet to be delivered will be reworked as needed before being delivered to customers. Any potential fleet measures will be evaluated as part of our standard evaluation procedure and validated with the FAA.” According to the Journal piece, this issue involves “certain titanium parts that are weaker than they should be” on jets constructed in the previous three years, according to persons familiar with the situation.

Boeing paused 787 deliveries in May due to a slew of other issues with the jet, as well as a lack of consensus between the firm and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on how to check the planes.

In July, Boeing said that it had discovered more issues near the plane’s nose and was trying to resolve them.

The latest issue follows a series of problems with the company’s best-selling planes, namely the 737 MAX, two of which crashed in 2018 and 2019, killing 346 people and forcing the plane to be grounded for 20 months.

According to the Journal piece, the FAA is looking into a number of quality-control issues, including whether the corporation permitted unqualified employees to sign off on quality inspections.

Boeing declined to comment on the investigation, claiming that discussing the issues with anybody other than the FAA would be “premature.”

A request for comment from the FAA was not immediately returned.


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