Amazon Will Pay You $10 To Read Your Handwriting: Here’s How You Can Get In-Store Credit


Amazon Will Pay You $10 To Read Your Handwriting: Here’s How You Can Get In-Store Credit

Customers who sign up for Amazon One, a service that lets customers to pay for items with their palm prints rather than a credit card, will receive a $10 credit from the company.

The Amazon One program is available at participating Amazon Books, 4-star, and Pop Up locations across the United States, including New York, Washington, New Jersey, Oregon, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

The palm payment method was initially introduced by Amazon in 2019, and it will be available in Seattle locations in September 2020.

Amazon One is a “contactless identity service that makes it easier for you to move around the world with just a simple palm scan,” according to the e-commerce behemoth.

It works by utilizing the unique features on and beneath the surface of your hands, which are unique to each individual. This palm image is captured and encrypted using proprietary image and computer vision techniques, resulting in a unique palm signature that is read and used each time a consumer makes a transaction.

The palm print is a safe and convenient Amazon One ID option, according to Amazon, because it is unique and comprises “many layers of distinguishing traits.”

Once a person enrolls in the program and hovers over the system, Amazon One technology can recognize a customer’s palm print in seconds with no need to touch anything.

The palm print also guarantees anonymity and security, according to Amazon, because no two palms are same and alter relatively little over time. Customers choose when to utilize their palm print, and their data is always safe because it is saved in the cloud rather than on an Amazon one device.

Customers may get a $10 in-store credit by signing up at a kiosk or at checkout, which Amazon claims takes only a few minutes. They will sign in or create an Amazon account by following the instructions in the welcome letter. An email will be sent to them with instructions on how to use their $10 credit on any products.

Customers can also get personalized adverts and shopping recommendations from Amazon One. If a consumer decides to relinquish their account or it has been inactive for two years, palm signatures can be removed.

“Using your palm to use our service necessitates your deliberate action. To use Amazon One, you determine where and when to hover your palm,” Amazon explained on its website.

As of 1:04 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Amazon’s stock was trading at $3,363.76, down $2.48, or 0.07 percent.


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