According to reports, the United Kingdom would provide visas to help alleviate the shortage of lorry drivers.


According to reports, the United Kingdom would provide visas to help alleviate the shortage of lorry drivers.

According to reports on Saturday, the UK government is planning to temporarily relax visa regulations in order to recruit more foreign lorry drivers as it grapples with a growing shortfall that has now impacted fuel supplies.

People have ignored government requests not to panic-buy fuel when some garages closed owing to a lack of deliveries due to a shortage of tanker drivers, resulting in long lines at gas stations in recent days.

According to media sources, up to 5,000 temporary visas could be awarded under the short-term program, owing to a projected shortage of 100,000 heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has tightened post-Brexit immigration laws and frequently stated that Britain’s reliance on foreign labor must come to an end.

After the epidemic and Brexit combined to worsen the haulier shortage, Johnson has been under growing pressure to act, and he faces other pressing issues such as escalating energy prices.

The shortage of lorry drivers has disrupted deliveries of food and other items, in addition to affecting timely fuel supplies.

Johnson’s office stated late Friday that the government was “looking at interim measures to avoid any immediate problems” as queues of cars waiting at petrol pumps became longer, notably in southeast England.

Any steps would be “very strictly time limited,” according to a Downing Street spokesman, who also reiterated that the country has “ample fuel reserves” and that “there are no shortages.”

Drivers, on the other hand, appeared uneasy on Saturday, as lines for gas formed once more.

Mike Davey, 56, had been waiting for more than half an hour to fill up his car at a Tesco gas station in Kent, southeast of London.

“All I want to do is buy some gas so I can get to work.” People are acting like they’re filling up jerry cans, he told AFP.

“Perhaps they should bring in some army drivers,” Davey suggested.

There have been calls for soldiers to be sent to help distribute gasoline, and some have suggested that they be used to process the backlog of HGV license applications that has grown as a result of the pandemic.


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