Tui confirms that Santa Claus is in danger because of the Covid restrictions.


Great Britain’s largest travel company announced that its special trips of Santa Claus to Lapland were endangered because of the travel restrictions caused by the deadly virus.

Families hoping for a festive escape could see their hopes dashed as the Coronavirus Pandemic progresses.

The travel company currently allows customers to postpone their vacations free of charge.

The Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development currently advises British citizens against all but essential international travel.

The travel company continues to operate and sell flights to Cyprus, Crete and Cuba on its website – but many of its trips to other destinations have been cancelled.

Tui has confirmed that it is revising its program to Lapland, offering customers the opportunity to postpone their fairy tale trips to meet Santa Claus free of charge until next year.

Lapland is known as Santa’s home and for a population that consists of more reindeer than people. The holidays range from one-day visits to longer winter vacations.

Tui revealed that he fears that strict coronavirus security measures could distract “too much from the magic of experience” of his Lapland vacations.

Lapland is located in northern Finland, deep in the Arctic Circle, with flights from the UK taking about three and a half hours.

The announcement comes after Finland’s government confirmed new entry regulations that allow visitors from the UK to travel to the country for up to 72 hours without having to be quarantined on arrival, provided they have a negative covid test up to 72 hours before departure.

Several other companies offering other Santa Claus trips to Lapland have already cancelled holidays for the upcoming Christmas season.

Tui said he was approaching clients who had already booked visits to Lapland and promised that the program would only be approved if the experience was “enjoyable”.

In a statement to Travel Weekly, Tui said: “We are continuously monitoring the government’s travel advice and reviewing our vacation program with that in mind.

“We know how enchanting a trip to Lapland is, and we work out the finer points of how to conduct our trips in a Covid-safe manner and in accordance with the guidelines of the Finnish government.

“We are proactively calling our customers in Lapland for December 2020 to offer them the opportunity to postpone their vacations to the winter of 2021 free of charge, knowing that there is still uncertainty about whether these trips will take place this year.

“We want to assure our customers that Lapland vacations will only take place if we believe they will be enjoyable. We will provide more information as soon as it becomes available”.


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