Travel restrictions in Liverpool after confirmation of third level suspension.


From Wednesday Merseyside will operate under a number of new restrictions as it has been placed by the government in a level three lockdown.

The rules for leaving Liverpool were confirmed as new restrictions were announced today for the city region.

There have been proposals to prohibit and declare illegal leaving the city region.

In an information session for journalists, the government said that travel to and from the Liverpool city region would be discouraged from Wednesday, but not illegal or prohibited travel.

At the weekend it was reported that travel to and from the region could also be banned, but the government has now confirmed what the rules for travel will be.

This means that pubs, bars, gyms, betting shops and casinos will remain closed for the foreseeable future and mixing indoors with other households is illegal.

In the declaration, the government explained in detail the restrictions associated with the individual alert levels.

Liverpool is classified as an area under the alert level “Very High”. According to the government declaration, people should try to avoid traveling outside the “very high” area where they are located or entering a “very high” area, except for things like work, education, access to youth services, to fulfill caring responsibilities or when in transit.

People should avoid staying in another part of the UK if they live in a ‘very high’ area or staying in a ‘very high’ area if they live elsewhere.

Medium alert level

The “medium” alert level – which will cover most of the country – will consist of the current national measures that came into force on September 25.

High alert level

These include the six-point rule and the closing of the hospitality at 10 pm.

The “high” alert level will reflect many current interventions at the local level, but now there will be uniformity across the country.

Most areas that are already subject to local restrictions will automatically move to the “high” alert level.

This is primarily aimed at reducing household-to-home transmission by preventing any inter-household mixing or supporting bubbles in the house. The rule of six will apply in outdoor areas, including private gardens.

Very high alert level

The “very high” alert level applies where the transmission rates are most worrying, based on an assessment of all available data and the local situation.

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