Spill of fuel on the M57 following a car crashing into a barrier, forcing the freeway to be closed


Ambulance services were called out on Saturday to the freeway where a car had crashed into the crash barrier between J2 A57 Liverpool Road (Prescot) and J1 M62 J6 (Tarbock Island).

This morning, an accident resulted in huge traffic jams on the M57 while police worked to clean up petrol spills on the carriageway.

Blocked all three lanes on the highway while police began cleanup efforts

A spokesperson for the department said, “A vehicle was involved in the collision and hit the road barrier between Junction 2 and Junction 1.

Northwest Motorway Police say all occupants were able to exit the vehicle unharmed.

Just before 10:30 a.m., all THREE lanes were closed after the damage to the vehicle caused fluids to spill onto the roadway.

Car drivers stuck in traffic jams on the highway this morning reported seeing “military police” en route to the scene.

“…No one was hurt.

“””A short time after closing, we opened two lanes to allow traffic to flow again.”””

Posting on social media, ” Neil said avoid M57 to the south. Haven’t moved from J2 in 30 minutes. MP car just drove by.”

A spokesman for North West Motorway Police said they have no record of military police being called to the scene, but Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, North West Ambulance Service and the Highways Team were on the scene.


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