Parking spaces that are to be taken over for unusual reasons.


Next year the locals will be able to “reclaim the streets” by turning parking lots into galleries, gardens or even playgrounds.

Parking lots throughout the city center will be taken over and transformed into something completely different as part of a fascinating new venture.

Parking lots that are taken over for unusual reasons

Hope Street is the first place where permissions for a takeover are secured, but the organizers hope that more streets will soon be included.

The idea is brought to life by sPark It Liverpool , a joint venture between various organizations in the city, including Transition Liverpoo l.

“We have already received £3,300 from the Mayor of Liverpool’s Inclusive Growth Fund and we are contacting you to ask if you can help make our Crowdfunder a success so that we can make this a reality.

Bernadette Colligan, project coordinator, told ECHO: “sPark It will provide 30 independent businesses and community organisations with the opportunity to create imaginative, playful installations on the city’s streets to promote their work and celebrate the vibrant culture of our region.

The others include “Give Poetry a Chance” with a pop-up stage presenting the best verses of Liverpool.

There are already 15 confirmed exhibitors, including Yellow House, which will reproduce a painting by Van Gogh.

Other exhibitors include those who create installations related to food, agriculture, beekeeping, environment, music and performance.

At the time of publication, the Liverpool Crowdfunder has currently raised £4,900, although the target of £10,917 has not yet been reached.

For more information about sPark It or to donate to the Crowdfunding, please visit SpaceHave.


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