London To Accept Underage Migrants From Greece


Great Britain plans to accept 16 unaccompanied underage migrants from the Greek camps on the islands in the eastern Aegean on Monday.

This was announced by the Greek migration ministry on Saturday. There will also be 31 adult migrants on the same plane leaving Athens.

There is much international criticism because of the conditions in the completely overcrowded camps.

Luxembourg and Germany had taken in twelve and 47 unaccompanied minors respectively in mid-April. Another flight with 22 unaccompanied minors is scheduled to leave for Switzerland in the coming weeks.

According to Greece, Finland also wants to accept about 100 minors.

An EU plan provides for about 1600 young migrants from Greece to be taken to other EU countries. A good 90 percent of the minors are boys.

Nearly 38,000 people are currently waiting in the camps on the islands in the eastern Aegean Sea. According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), more than a third are minors.


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