Driver kills farm animal after he has lost control on “treacherous” road.


In the accident on Southport Road in Lydiate, a goose was killed after the driver crashed into Church View Farm.

A “speeding” driver drove into a farm and killed one of his animals after he lost control on a “treacherous” road.

The owner of the farm said it was only a matter of time before a person was killed on the road.

The owner of the Church View farm, Edith Louise Hope, told ECHO that it is only a matter of time before “someone is killed on the road”.

The scarecrow was placed outside the farm to encourage motorists to slow down on the road, which the locals call “treacherous”.

The driver also pulled out a lifelike scarecrow, wearing a high visibility jacket and holding a speed camera and one of the farm’s billboards before coming to a halt.

She said, “This is the second accident in two weeks, the other occurred one or two farms up the road.

Edie, who is over 70 years old, said she had lost count of how many cars have crashed over the years.

“Will there be a death until they do something about it?

“Last week’s accident went through the hedges and tore the lamppost in half.

“I have been pushing for more road safety measures for years. Something must be done before someone is killed on this road, that’s just not good enough.

“There is a mega-problem, as long as they do not recognize the dangers, it will continue to happen.

When she talked about the damage the car caused, she said: “I’m more upset about the goose than anything else because it would have been on the farm for 12 years.

After she reported the incident, hundreds of fans of the farm offered to donate money to help repair the trailer and the damage.

“The other two are now lost without her because they usually walk around together.

Instead, she encouraged people to write a letter or email to the council expressing their concern about road safety, hoping to have a safety camera installed.

Edie said that fortunately they can claim their insurance.


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