Disinfect the money and give us the change,” say Arriva bus passengers.


In order to “contribute to reducing the physical contact between customers and drivers”, Arriva is currently unable to give bus customers change.

An attendant who had to go to her shift after an Arriva driver refused to give her change has made some customers angry with the company’s rules.

Some ECHO readers have described the company policy of not giving change as “shameful” after a caregiver had to walk to her shift.

Their experience caused anger among some ECHO readers, with some branding the company policy as “shameful”.

Instead, the 55-year-old nurse had to walk for over an hour the following evening to get to work in the dark.

Sarah King from Everton was refused to change a £5 bill, which meant she did not have the £2.30 for her transportation to work the next day.

A third, according to Facebook user Mark Flachbart Harding: “There is no excuse for this and it is despicable that they are trying to make one. The bus driver let my wife get off the bus last week because there were more than 12 people on the bus. He said that if you did not get off, he would get off himself and refuse to drive.

Claire Macnally wrote: “The bus driver recently took ten pounds off my daughter because she forgot to get change for the way to school and kept the full ten pounds for a 2.20 day driver! Or he did not want to let her on the bus!!! A disgrace!!

Meanwhile, Luna93 added: “The bus driver refused to give me the change after I bought a weekly ticket to take my son to school. I asked him why he couldn’t give my son the £10 change, but he was able to give me the ticket for my weekly ticket ? He was told directly ‘wipe off the £10 the same way you wiped off the card’ and give my child his money.

Another said, “Joe Anderson should do something about this. Why are they allowed to do this to people? You are the only company I have heard of that is not able to give change when you have paid… If cash is only accepted in exceptional cases, they can certainly wear gloves, disinfect their hands, etc., it’s not difficult…”

Others sympathized with the Arriva bus drivers who enforce the company’s policy and gave positive messages.

A spokesman for Arriva said: “To reduce the physical contact between customers and drivers, we ask customers to pay contactlessly or buy tickets through the new app of Arriva UK Bus.

said Amy Maddocks: “My son boarded an Arriva bus last week. I only had £3 change. His bus fare was £2.20 instead of taking the £3 which the driver just let him off with the 20 pence. I thought that was really nice of him.

“Cash is accepted as payment only in exceptional circumstances and only if the correct fare can be paid.

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“Any excess airfare will be donated to the NHS through its Charities Together fundraising programme”.

“Arriva drivers will not be able to give change at this time. This scheme has been in place since 17 April and has been widely advertised on our website, in social channels and on board our buses.


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