Chaos” in West Derby Village, as the provisional traffic lights remain on red.


Temporary lighting at Almond’s Green, West Derby, was installed to allow for a steady flow of traffic along the road due to ongoing work.

Drivers driving through West Derby Village were frustrated this morning when a series of temporary lights turned red.

A video recorded by a passer-by shows how the drivers get frustrated

At one point, cars approaching from the entrance to Muirhead Avenue are driving in the right lane to overtake stationary vehicles, which fortunately did not cause an accident.

A video taken from a passer-by shows cars patiently waiting their turn, only the cars behind them become impatient and race to get through.

Instead, the drivers remained stranded and waited for their signal to move forward, as both traffic lights from both directions did not turn green for a long time.

The faulty traffic lights caused a traffic jam right across the village, so that commuters either had to find alternative routes in the morning or risk a collision with oncoming traffic by skipping the lights.

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The passer-by described the scene as “absolute chaos”, with many drivers confusing what they could and could not do.


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