Boris Johnson Admits It is ‘Irresponsible’ Former Aide Claims He Is Prime Minister


Boris Johnson Admits It is ‘Irresponsible’ Former Aide Claims He Is Prime Minister

Dominic Cummings, a former senior adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, stated in a paid subscriber blog post that Johnson “regularly admits it’s ludicrous he’s prime minister.”

Cummings poured scorn on his former boss in the Substack newsletter.

He asserted that Johnson “lies so blatantly, so naturally, and so consistently” that he perceives “no real distinction” between truth and falsehoods.

Additionally, the political strategist stated that he was aware that Johnson was “objectively unfit” to lead the country. Johnson, he continued, “routinely says and does things so foolish that people are open-mouthed.”

Johnson’s official spokesperson denied the accusations on Monday.

Cummings, 49, became Johnson’s chief advisor in July 2019 when Johnson was elected Conservative Party leader following Theresa May’s resignation.

Cummings has become a harsh critic of Johnson and, in particular, the government’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak after his departure in November 2020. According to a March Edelman Trust Barometer poll, British trust in Johnson’s administration to “do the right thing” during the epidemic decreased from 60% during the initial lockdown to just 44%. Meanwhile, 57% believed the UK government handled the pandemic in an inept manner.

Cummings has stated that Tony Blair, who served as Prime Minister as a Labour Party member, would have handled the pandemic better.

Cummings previously stated in June that Johnson is “a pundit who stumbled into politics and acts that way 99 percent of the time but not that way 1 percent of the time – and that 1% is why pundits misunderstand/underestimate him” and that Downing Street has become “a branch of the entertainment industry.”

No10 mayhem on Covid once again, ignoring scientific advice and data, border farce, emphasis on mask lifting rather than vaccination of children, no alternative vaccine plan made public… Do you wish to comprehend The Trolley?

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