Where is the Liverpool City Region and which areas are included in the new blocking rules?


Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce today in Parliament the confirmed restrictions for the Liverpool City area, with the new rules coming into force later this week.

The new rules will come into force later this week. There will be further restrictions in the Liverpool City Region as the rate of coronavirus cases continues to rise.

There has been ongoing confusion about which areas fall within the Liverpool City Region.

There are six districts in the Liverpool City Region. These are them:

Many people living in and outside our region have said that the title Liverpool City Region is confusing and leads to misunderstandings as to whether their area falls under the new restrictions.

However, the announcement has brought the confusion about the region’s borders back to the surface.

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Other areas around our region, such as Warrington and West Lancashire, also currently have higher restrictions but are not part of the urban area and are not currently being considered for the new Tier 3 restrictions.

Steve Rotheram is the Subway Mayor for the City Region and has been since the creation of this role in 2017.

However, a significant portion of the operational authority and responsibility remains with the City Councils.

This means that he oversees a number of key strategic areas for all six boroughs in the region.

They all have their own individual leaders or, in the case of Liverpool, their own elected mayor, and provide or oversee many of the day-to-day services that are recognized by residents, such as waste collection and schooling.


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