Video conference: NATO states discuss defense in space.


Nato defense ministers discuss in a video switch over the strengthening of deterrence and defense systems. At the same time, preparations for the defense of the alliance in space are to be accelerated.

This Thursday, the defense ministers of the 30 NATO states want to discuss the strengthening of deterrence and defense systems via video conference. According to Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, work is already underway to improve air defense. One of the reasons they were initiated was because Russia has developed a new cruise missile system. Because of the Russian SSC-8, the USA last year also terminated the INF Treaty on the prohibition of land-based nuclear medium-range weapons.

At the conference, NATO also wants to press ahead with its preparations for the defense of the alliance in space. To this end, the defense ministers want to announce the construction of a Space Center. It is to be attached to the NATO Air Force High Command in Ramstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, and will primarily serve as a coordination center for space surveillance.

In the future, information on possible threats to satellites could be pooled in Ramstein. It is also conceivable that the Space Center could later be expanded into a command center for defensive measures.

Secretary General Stoltenberg also intends to present a report on the development of defense spending in the alliance states.



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