USA moves troops from Germany to Eastern Europe.


The USA moves its troops stationed in Germany to Eastern Europe. This serves as a deterrent against Russia, says US Secretary of Defense Esper. In addition, this is intended to protect the allies along the southeastern flank of NATO.

The U.S. Department of Defense has held talks with several Eastern European countries about the transfer of thousands of soldiers near the Russian border. U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper informed about this in a speech on Tuesday. According to this, the 2nd Cavalry Regiment is to be transferred from Germany.

“Since the signing of the agreement on defense cooperation with Poland, my recent meetings with the defense ministers of Romania and Bulgaria, and correspondence from the Baltic states, there is now a real chance that the 2nd Cavalry Regiment will be moved permanently to some of these countries,” said Esper.

A Pentagon spokesman later made it clear that Esper was talking about a purely rotational presence in Eastern Europe.

Earlier, in July, the US Chief of Defense had announced that the 2nd Cavalry Regiment would be withdrawn from Germany as part of a larger troop withdrawal of almost 12,000 soldiers.

“The nearly 4,500 members of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment will return to the United States, while other Stryker units further east in the Black Sea region will begin continuous rotations. This will provide us with a more permanent presence to increase deterrence and secure allies along NATO’s southeastern flank,” Esper said on July 29.

Moving these troops closer to Russia is part of a broader U.S. strategy.

The Army also announced further steps toward military buildup in Eastern Europe, including the reactivation of its V-Corps, once stationed in Europe, and the deployment of troops to Poland.

Of the total of 630 soldiers who will be stationed at the U.S. base at Fort Knox in Kentucky, 200 will each be transferred to Poland in rotation.

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