USA before withdrawal from Afghanistan: Trump thinks Taliban rule is possible


“Every country must look after itself.” This maxim of the US president could mean that Afghanistan will soon be ruled by the Taliban. Trump thinks this is possible, but seems to be unimpressed by the potential takeover by the Islamists.

US President Donald Trump thinks a takeover of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops is possible. “It is not planned that this will happen. But it might happen,” Trump replied to the question of whether the radical Islamic Taliban could oust the Afghan government after the US withdrawal.

“Every country has to fend for itself,” Trump formulated his view. “You can only hold someone’s hand for a limited amount of time.” The U.S. President made a statement in Doha about a week after the signing of an agreement between the U.S. and the radical Islamic Taliban in late February.

The Doha agreement should pave the way for a lasting peace in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of US troops from the country. The text provides for the US to reduce its troop strength in Afghanistan over the coming months, initially from around 13,000 to 8600. In return, the Taliban are to give guarantees that they will fight the terrorist network Al-Qaeda and the Jihadist militia Islamic State (IS), as well as begin peace negotiations with the Afghan government in Kabul.

Since the signing of the agreement, however, there have been dozens of Taliban attacks. At least 27 people were killed today in an attack on a rally in Kabul. The Taliban denied responsibility for this attack.


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