Union politicians: Deportations also demanded to Syria.


Union politicians are pushing for deportations to Syria as well. CSU politician Kuffer demands that the German government must decide on a regulation before the end of this year.

After the terrorist attack in Dresden, CDU/CSU politicians are pushing for deportations also to the civil war country Syria. “If possible, the federal government must enact a deportation regulation before the end of this year,” CSU Member of Parliament Michael Kuffer told the Saturday edition of the “Bild” newspaper. This would allow the deportation of violent criminals, terrorists and other persons in danger to Syria.

“The deportation stop should be lifted as soon as possible”, CDU member of parliament Christoph de Vries told the newspaper. “The right to protection of refugees ends where the protection of the own population is no longer guaranteed”, he emphasized.

The background is the knife attack on two tourists on October 4 in Dresden by a 20-year-old Syrian who has been classified as a danger for years. One of the attacked was killed. The Daesch supporter was already known to the authorities before the attack because of his extremist views.

Also the Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) wants to examine possible deportations to “pacified areas” of Syria because of this. However, there are currently no official diplomatic contacts with the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad. In addition, the Syrian security forces are accused of torture and the murder of political opponents.



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