Two more MPs from Merseyside have left their place on the first bench because of the controversial “Spy Cops” law.


Kim Johnson for Liverpool Riverside and Margaret Greenwood for Wirral West have both resigned from their senior positions within the party.

Two other MPs from Merseyside have resigned from the Labour Party’s front bench over the controversial “Spy Cops” bill.

Margaret Greenwood and Kim Johnson joined Dan Carden and resigned their posts in protest at the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Act.

Ms. Greenwood resigned as the Labour Party’s shadow education secretary, while Ms. Johnson resigned as the Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the First Shadow Secretary of State, Angela Rayner.

The bill aims to provide legal protection for a previously secret power known as the “third direction” and to allow MI5, police forces and other public institutions to authorize agents and informants to commit crimes.

It follows their decisions to crack the Labour Party’s whip to vote against the government’s bill on covert human intelligence sources.

said Ms Johnson: “I resigned today as PPS with Angela Rayner so that I could vote in conscience against the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill and stop the abuses that were taking place against Stephen Lawrence’s family and friends, against the Hillsborough fight for justice and against trade unionists.

As a result, Labour MPs were flogged to abstain, leading to a dispute within the party.

“I remain firmly committed to a Labour government.

“It was an honor to serve as Angela Rayner’s PPS and I thank her for the opportunity, but as a lifelong trade unionist and fighter for social justice, I could see no reason for a second abstention.

“I cannot stand idly by as a law is passed that will profoundly affect our civil liberties and the environment in which individuals can come together to make their voices heard.

Ms Greenwood wrote a letter to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer informing him of this: “I intend to vote against the bill on principle.

“I believe that the protection of our rights in this regard is a matter of fundamental importance.

“It is a role that is close to my heart and I will continue to campaign from the back benches for Labour support to demand an education that puts the welfare of students at the heart of policy-making.

“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as shadow Education Minister on the front bench of the Labour Party.

The government’s draft law aims to protect undercover officers from prosecution if they are forced to break the law on operations.

Yesterday, Dan Carden, who represents Liverpool’s Walton constituency, resigned from the front bench as shadow finance minister of the Treasury.


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