Turkey condemns police raid on Berlin mosque.


Turkey has condemned the major raid by the Berlin police on the Mevlana mosque as a “heinous act”. German authorities should put an end to the exclusion of Muslims who have become an integral part of Germany.

Turkey has strongly condemned the police raid on the Berlin Mevlana Mosque. It is a “heinous act” that disregards any sensitivity towards places of worship, the Turkish Foreign Ministry criticized in a statement on Thursday.

“It is unacceptable that a large number of police officers carried out a raid on the mosque because of a financial investigation when the congregation gathered for morning prayer,” the ministry said. “The fact that police officers entered the mosque in boots under the pretext of a raid and desecrated this place of worship is inexcusable.”

150 hooded police officers stormed a Berlin mosque on Wednesday morning. In the middle of prayer, the Muslim church was entered with shoes. The mosque’s executive board considers the action to be disproportionate.

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“Such an ugly deed in the capital of a country that tries to teach others about freedom of opinion and belief also makes one think,” the Turkish Foreign Office continues. “The German authorities must understand the fact that Muslims are an integral part of Germany and put an end to exclusion and marginalization.

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay also commented on the incident on Twitter: “I strongly condemn the excessive police raid on the Berlin Mevlana Mosque during morning prayer. Ali Erbaş, the head of the Turkish Directorate for Religious Affairs (Diyanet), also condemned the searches by the investigating authorities.

The Berlin police searched several companies and the Mevlana mosque in the Kreuzberg district on Wednesday on suspicion of Corona subsidy fraud. During the searches, 7000 euros in cash, various data carriers, computers and files were confiscated. The suspicion is directed against three persons who are said to have unjustifiably applied for Corona emergency aid.

About 150 police officers masked with balaclavas were on duty. The mosque rejected the accusations on the same day and criticized the police’s approach.

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