Trump ‘Should Have Been Arrested On The Spot,’ according to a book detailing Pelosi’s conversation with Gen. Milley.


Trump ‘Should Have Been Arrested On The Spot,’ according to a book detailing Pelosi’s conversation with Gen. Milley.

According to a new book, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told top Army Gen. Mark Milley that former President Donald Trump “should have been arrested on the spot” for his part in provoking the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that killed five people earlier this year.

In a phone call with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in January, Pelosi said Trump was a “dictator” and that “the Republicans have blood on their hands” for enabling the former president’s “delusions” about his ability to retain the presidency, according to “Peril,” a new book by Washington Post veteran journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

“And he’s still sitting there,” says the narrator. He should’ve been detained. According to the book, Pelosi said, “He should have been arrested on the spot.”

According to the book, Pelosi also said in the phone call on Jan. 8 that “it is a sad state of affairs for our country that we’ve been taken over by a dictator who uses force against another branch of government.”

According to a transcript of the call, House Speaker Paul Ryan referred to Trump as “crazy,” to which the general responded, “I agree with you on everything.”

According to CNBC, the book also details Milley’s desire to dissuade the then-president from launching a nuclear war during his final days in office.

Milley anticipated that following the Capitol insurgency, Trump would stage a “Reichstag moment,” a reference to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s 1933 destruction of Germany’s Parliament building, according to the book, which the International Business Times has not yet seen.

Milley was also concerned about Trump provoking a military conflict with China, according to the book. According to Business Insider, Milley called his Chinese colleague Gen. Li Zuocheng to reassure him that the US does not aim to launch a military conflict.

Milley allegedly called Li again two months later through a hidden back-channel over worries that Trump was mentally sick.

Milley has expressed interest in learning more about the rationale for the Capitol riot in recent months, while Pelosi spearheaded the creation of a panel to probe the tragic incident in July.

Pelosi refused to allow two Republicans to join the committee, which now has seven Democrats and two Republicans on it.

President Joe Biden put pressure on Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., in an interview, according to the book. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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