The Southport deputy votes against 80% vacation for people who have become unemployed in his own constituency.


The region’s only conservative MP also declined to support a motion that would provide free school meals for children from low-income families during the coming semester break.

Southport MP Damien Moore today voted against an 80 percent vacation rule for workers in his own constituency.

Damien Moore also refused to support a motion to feed poor children over the school vacations.

The first motion, which called for more equitable funding for areas in Tier 3 of the government’s new restrictions – such as Southport – explicitly called for people forced into unemployment by the measures to receive 80% of their income, instead of the 67% currently offered.

Both motions were brought to Parliament today by the Labour Party.

Part of the letter was read further: “People will lose their jobs and businesses. Families will lose their livelihoods and their homes.

Council leaders from the North this morning called on MPs from all parties to support the motion.

In a joint letter they said that a rejection of the motion would be “unfair, unjust and wrong”.

“Our unemployment rates are already beginning to soar. Companies are already on their knees.”

Mr. Moore had been directly asked in a letter from Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram to support the motion.

In his reply to the Metro mayor, he said: “As a former member of parliament, you yourself will know that the debates on Opposition Day are not binding on the government, as was this afternoon’s motion on vacation pay.

But although his constituency is subject to the toughest restrictions, Mr. Moore voted against the motion.

“Although I sympathize with his aims, we both know that he will neither solve the problems you mentioned nor help our voters.

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Later in the day, the House of Commons debated another Labour Party motion supporting footballer Marcus Rashford’s call to extend free school meals for the poorest children over the upcoming semester break.

The star of Man Utd convinced the government to offer free school meals over the summer vacations and urged that the policy be extended for the coming mid-term vacations so that more families suffer from the pandemic.


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