The principal poses with “black make-up” and an examined Afro wig.


The Liverpool Council confirmed that Emma Hartley, principal at Our Lady & St. Swithin’s Catholic Primary School in Croxteth, is under investigation after a member of the public made a formal complaint about the photograph.

A principal is under investigation after a photo was found in social media showing her wearing “black face make-up” and an Afro-style wig.

The photo was published on social networks before it was removed.

It seems to show her in a costume, with make-up that darkens her skin and a wig that simulates an Afro hairstyle.

However, it now appears to have been removed from public view, and ECHO has decided not to publish the photo in question.

The picture that ECHO saw was originally posted two years ago by Ms. Hartley’s partner on a Facebook page as part of a compilation to celebrate her anniversary.

Throughout history, it has been frequently used to mock, humiliate and dehumanize blacks, and its use is widely condemned today – even though the carrier has no intentionally racist intentions.

A man, who is presumably Mrs. Hartley’s partner, is also shown in the photo.

Blackface” refers to the use of dark make-up or facial color to make a person look as if they are black.

A spokesman for Liverpool City Council said: “We can confirm that a complaint has been received and the matter will now be investigated by the school in accordance with the school’s standard complaints policy.

A letter of complaint sent to the council and the school calls for a full investigation.

ECHO has tried to ask Mrs. Hartley to comment.

It says: “There is no excuse for this, and ignorance cannot be claimed as such, especially in the current climate.

“It makes no difference in which social class or area one lives or works, it can never be acceptable to behave in this way.

The school will now follow in the investigation of the accusation of its complaints policy.

“And to see the principal of a Catholic elementary school, who is certainly part of a community that itself contains a diversity of cultures, seeing someone whose real task it is to teach children and the wider community against such acts of racial discrimination and stereotyping is all the more despicable”.


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